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The Heart's Shout
Perfect and Urgent Wisdom From The Living Heart of Reality, The Incarnate Divine Person, Adi Da, (The Da Avatar)

It is a shout from Existence Itself—from the “Heart”, from the Absolute, Divine Consciousness that Is the Source and Substance of Reality. Happiness is shouting. Freedom is shouting. Life is shouting. And It is shouting because It wants to ... wake you up!
—from The Introduction

Price: $17.95

At the time of its publication (in 1996), this illustrated volume was the most comprehensive introduction to Avatar Adi Da and His Reality-Teaching. The book includes Talks from 1977 to 1993, as well as stories from devotees of how Avatar Adi Da Instructed them face to face.

Second edition, 1996, paperback, 388 pages
Price: $17.95

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