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The Divine Mahasamadhi of Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj

This booklet contains Avatar Adi Da's own words about the event of His death. It reveals the deep significance of His passing and His ongoing Transcendental Spiritual Regard of all beings.

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In the last weeks of His life, the Master had been full of energy and creatively active with His artistic work. He had been lovingly and humorously engaging devotees. Longtime devotees had come to Naitauba to be with Him on retreat. Musicians from India had come to Naitauba to perform for Him. He had gathered with devotees and retreatants to view His art.

In the final weeks of His earthly incarnation, His life and work had manifested a great ease. And, then just as spontaneously, gracefully, and mysteriously as everything else He had ever done the Great Master dropped the human body with the ease (as He Himself had predicted) of 'an apple falling from a tree' . William Tsiknas and Naamleela Free Jones,
from the Introduction
Adi Da Samraj:

I Will Be here Forever.
I Will Be every 'Where' Forever.

I Cannot Leave, For My Transcendentally Spiritually 'Bright' Divine Spherical Self-Domain Is Not Some 'Where' To Go To.
My Divine Self-Domain Is Eternal.
I Am Eternal, and I Am Always Already Merely Present-here, and every 'Where' In The Cosmic Domain.

By Means Of My Divine Avataric Incarnation here, I Have Given you My Divine Secret.
My Divine Secret Is This: I Am Eternally Present, and I Am Omni-Present.

My Bodily (Human) Avataric-Incarnation-Form Has Its time, Whereby I connect (or Freedom-Bind) you (and every one, and all, and All) To Me.
When The Time Of My Divine Avataric Incarnation is Fulfilled, Then I Am 'Retired' To My Eternal Form-The Divine-Body-Power Of My Divine Self-State Made Infinitely Intact In The Cosmic Domain (Forever).
And Then, Forever, As Ever Before, I Will Be Not Gone, Not Absent-For I Am, Forever, The Same Person, The Same Personality, all-and-All-Surrounding and all-and-All-Pervading, As I Am Now.

I Love you Now.
I Will Love you every 'then' and 'there'.
And I Always Loved you. That Is How I Got To here (and every 'where').

Paperback: 32 pages
ISBN: 978-1570972706
Price: $5.00

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