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The Boundless Self-Confession
Essays from The Aletheon
Written only a few months before He passed from the body (in November 2008), this book brings to culmination a lifetime of Revelation writings by the Ruchira Avatar about the eternal meaning and purpose of His Appearance, revealing profundities that are ultimately unfathomable. But the heart knows. The heart, as His Divine Presence says, “is where everyone comes to Me”.
—from the Introduction by Carolyn Lee

Price: $19.95

From Part One, The Universally Consequential Event At Ruchira Dham Hermitage:

You must recognize Me As I Am.
When you “Know” Me, you “Know” Reality Itself.
Then all of your ego-patterning ceases to be relevant.

“You” are no longer happening.
Only the Divine Is Happening.

All of this Is the Divine Event.
There are no egos here—not one, not at all.

This is the “ground zero” of ego-culture.
Ego-culture came to an end in the Ruchira Dham Event.

Now it is a new historical epoch for humankind.
Now everyone must catch up with Me.

Whole-bodily-responsive devotional recognition of Me Is the Divine Avataric Basis for an entirely new world-culture of humankind.

—The Ruchira Avatar, The Boundless Self-Confession

226 page paperback

ISBN 978-1-57097-260-7
Price: $19.95

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