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The Complete Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life

A potent summary of Avatar Adi Da’s instruction on emotional-sexual matters—including His compassionate instruction on transcending negative sex-patterning, emotional immaturity, and all forms of seeking through sex and relationship.

In the context of His Spiritual Work to establish the Way of True Freedom and Perfect Happiness, Adi Da Samraj spent many years elaborating His instruction on emotional-sexual practice for those who had come to Him for His Blessing and Gift of Realization. Adi Da engaged this heroic Work to Reveal how every possible “dilemma” about sex can be relinquished.

Price: $14.95

The core practices of the emotionally and sexually balanced teachings on love, intimacy, and sexual relationships from the Realized Master Avatar Adi Da Samraj

• Teaches how to overcome the emotional patterning that hinders healthy sexual relationships

• Presents a solitary yogic discipline to restore the bipolar integrity of the individual

• Shows how to entirely transcend emotional-sexual patterns

In all the domains of human life, we now understand the need for an integration of body, mind, and spirit. But despite this comprehension of the holistic nature of existence, much of the teaching offered on sexuality--even sacred sexuality--concentrates on the physical practice, to the detriment of emotional intimacy. Avatar Adi Da Samraj explains that our emotional-sexual life can only be made right through the process of restoring the bipolar balance of the body, and by transcending the ego, the illusory sense of separate existence.

He advocates that sexual practice initially become a solitary yogic discipline--an embracing and reclaiming of one’s own body--to restore the bipolar integrity that is at the core of every human being. Once this bipolar integrity is established, he shows how a sexual practice of true intimacy--free of clinging attachment--is possible. He also teaches that an unconscious, early childhood reaction to the mother and father governs the emotional-sexual life, a reaction that must be understood and transcended. The emotional-sexual practices taught by Avatar Adi Da are centered in the understanding that love breaks the heart and show that learning how to have intimacy without ego-based attachment is where profound practice begins.
Price: $14.95

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