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Invocation (CD)
Sally Jamila
Invocation combines modern and traditional instruments with chant and song.
Price: $16.95
Intended to create a rich soundscape through meditative invocation, it weaves together eclectic world music with the tradition of a spiritual practice. The result is an album that creates contemplative calm and an invitation to feel That Which Is All-Pervading. Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj asked that it be placed on the "Favorites" list of His personal iPods. Featuring: Sally Jamila, Vocals, Keyboards; Robert Mignault, Bass, Voice, Harmonies; Basant Madhur, Tabla; John Wubbenhorst, Bansuri Flute; Jamie Gabriel, Guitar; Gerry Howe, Flute; Janusz, Yidaki; Sharon Lye, Harmonies; Philip Saffery, Harmonies, Voice
Price: $16.95

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