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The Process of Spiritual Transmission (DVD)
Vol 5, The 20th Anniversary Series

In these Talks from July 1988, given at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in northern California, Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes the first six stages of life (based upon His own seven-stage schema), and the unique and Graceful process of real Spiritual Transmission.

Price: $14.95

To illustrate the nature of the first six stages of life, Avatar Adi Da makes use of the traditional description of the Spiritual process by the great Hindu Realizer Shankara. He illuminates it further in the context of His own seventh stage Revelation, which transcends the limitations of the body and the mind, and all developments based on identification with the body and the mind.
The process of Spiritual Transmission occurs in the realm of True Reality. The Transmission that occurs in Reality does not depend on your views, your limited understanding, or your limited "knowledge".

This Transmission transcends space-time and operates in many remarkable ways that you cannot account for from any kind of conventional or limited "point of view".

If you find your way into My Company, if you live rightly in relation to Me, My Transcendental Spiritual Heart-Transmission is available to you at all times.

           —His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Runtime: approximately 60 minutes
Price: $14.95

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