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The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries
The Revelation of The Preliminary "Perfect Knowledge" Teachings of His Divine Presence, The Divine Avataric World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Price: $18.95
This book is a unique Gift from Avatar Adi Da Samraj—it contains the complete collection of essays that comprises a unique body of work by the same name (“The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries”), published for the first time as a single, sacred volume.

In “The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries”, Avatar Adi Da Samraj summarizes His basic, preliminary "Perfect-Knowledge" Teachings, the practice of which (when based on “radical” devotion and right life obedience) enables the unique process of Transcendental Spirituality in the “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam.

Since its last full publication in The Way of Perfect Knowledge, Avatar Adi Da has added five new Essays to His “Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries”—including “The Searchless and Acausally Awakened Preliminary Listening-Practice of Perfect Knowledge”, “As ‘It’ Is”, “The Reality-Practice”, “The Root-Characteristics of Intrinsic Self-Understanding of Reality Itself”, and “The Essence of Perfect Instruction”.

This sacred volume includes a beautiful color photograph of Avatar Adi Da Samraj in the front of the book, and the cover displays an image of one of Avatar Adi Da’s most recent works of art.

6" x 9" paperback, 194 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57097-254-6
Price: $18.95

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