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Green Gorilla
The Searchless Raw Diet
Given By His Divine Presence
The Divine Avataric World-Teacher
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Price: $16.95
Green Gorilla contains Avatar Adi Da’s summary Instruction on the searchless raw diet. It includes detailed recommendations relative to blended green drinks and how to live healthfully on a raw diet. In this book you will also find a collection of remarkable (and previously unpublished) Communications given by Avatar Adi Da on what is truly lawful dietary practice. He explains how such right-life practice supports spiritual sensitivity to Him, establishes health and well-being, and positively influences the well-being of all humankind, the non-humans, and the earth as a whole.

Part three of the book, compiled by the Radiant Life Clinic (based on Avatar Adi Da’s Instructions), is full of practical guidance on the dietary disciplines Avatar Adi Da recommends to everyone, and includes links to websites and other resources. In the section, called "Living the Searchless Raw Diet", you will find chapters on the phases of the health process, intelligent dietary transitions, foods to eat and not to eat, how to prepare blended green drinks, sample meal plans, a guide to fasting, how to do an enema and a liver flush, and much more. This book also includes the new version of the essay, "The Secrets of How To Change".

Avatar Adi Da has said that this book is intended for anyone interested in living a lawful, healthy life.

6" x 9" paperback, 184 pages
Price: $16.95

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