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Human History Is One Great Tradition (CD)
In response to a devotee's question about Zen Buddhism and Spiritual Transmission, Avatar Adi Da discusses how the various schools of religious and Spiritual expression fit within one "Great Tradition". A Discourse from October 19, 2004.

Excerpt from Track 5 "A Basic Education In The Great Tradition"

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Adi Da Samraj discusses how the various manifestations of Buddhism fit within the Great Tradition of human “religion” and Spirituality. Avatar Adi Da’s Schema of the seven stages of life provides a tool for understanding all traditions based on the actual three-part structure of the human mechanism–the gross (or “outer” physical) dimension, the subtle (or “inner” energetic-emotional-mental) dimension, and the causal (or “root”) dimension (which is the presumption of existence as a separate “I”).

Adi Da also describes the qualities of real Spiritual Transmission in various traditions, and closes with a discussion of belief-based myths and how “religious provincialism” is transcended through the guidance offered in His Basket of Tolerance. .

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Running time: 62 minutes

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Price: $9.95

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