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The Orders of My True and Free Renunciate Devotees
By the Avataric Great Sage, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This book is both a beautiful exposition of the nature of Perfect Freedom and a practical guide to maintaining, in perpetuity, the cultural integrity of the Way of Adidam. Avatar Adi Da describes, at length, the signs of true renunciation in the Way of Adidam and the means whereby His Great Revelation can be carried throughout all time.

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In this magnificent essay, Adi Da Samraj calls us to recognize what is of supreme and eternal value and to devote our very existence to that. Simultaneously, He calls us to relinquish our “grip” on everything that is only of passing significance so that we do not waste our lives caught up in pursuits that are ultimately meaningless.

As Avatar Adi Da has revealed on many occasions, His birth necessarily and inevitably coincided with the “darkest” of times on earth. The times are now so “dark” that the reigning paradigm is an aggressive materialism.

Adi Da is here to restore true esotericism to its rightful place of primacy in the human world to rescue true esotericism from the aggressive attacks of both scientific materialism and conventional exoteric religion, and to grant human beings the revelation of Divine esotericism. Adi Da's teaching is by no means merely a matter of talk, ideas, or philosophy. To actually enter into the Divinely Esoteric way He reveals is a matter of devoting one’s life to the practice of His Way. And the fullness of that devotion necessarily manifests, in due course, as the life of renunciation.

A life of true and free renunciation in which one renounces egoic “self”-identification with body, mind, self, and world by Grace, and from the beginning is a unique opportunity, a unique Blessing and the most profound endeavor a human being can possibly undertake.

Paperback: 128 pages
Price: $9.07

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