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Surrender self By Sighting Me
Essays from The Aletheon
by The Avataric Great Sage,
Adi Da Samraj
Price: $7.95
This booklet is a collection of Adi Da’s most recent writings—completed by Him in August of 2007—in which He gives succinct and potent instruction to His devotees on the nature of the devotional relationship to Him as it occurs in the Process of Realization in His Company. Among the essays included in this book is Adi Da’s delightful instruction in “The Way That I Teach The Dog In My House”. The priceless instruction contained in this book illuminates the essentially non-verbal process of spontaneous devotion to Him. He has described this anciently-known process of turning to the Realizer on sight as “the Ancient Walk-About Way”.
The ego wants to keep its body, its emotion, its mind, its breathing--therefore, the totality of the body-mind--fixed in its own handgrip, and always let to wander in its own patterning and impulses.

That is what every ego is doing--preserving body, emotion, mind, and breath as a possession of ego-"I", with all the faculties of the body-mind wrapped up in the separate and constantly separative presumption and purposiveness of independent and "self"-fulfilling "point of view".

The right and true practice of devotion to Me--which is the moment to moment whole bodily turning of the faculties to Me--is intensively counter-egoic and intrinsically ego-transcending. If you, as My devotee, rightly and truly practice devotion to Me, you (thus and thereby) forget all ego-possessed patterning--and, by devotionally responsive conformity to Me, you are brought into right life and a Spiritual process of a Transcendental nature.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Price: $7.95

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