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"Radical" Transcendentalism
The Non-“Religious”, Post-“Scientific”, and No-Seeking Reality-Way of Adidam
A potent exposition of the unique nature of Avatar Adi Da’s Reality-Way of Adidam, and the fullness of its practice. “Radical" Transcendentalism breaks down the barriers that human beings have erected to the direct experience of Reality Itself. Adi Da Samraj offers His Revelation of Reality that is free of illusions and full of Divine and Spiritual Blessing.

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It is possible to live on the basis of the "Perfect Knowledge" of Reality in the context of apparent "self" and "world". It is possible to know true Transcendental and Spiritual Truth through Adi Da's Transmission-Gift. Adi Da Samraj is Himself the Demonstration of Reality Itself, Perfectly Coinciding with a human appearance.

What is required—if Reality Itself is to be "Perfectly Known" (or Realized As "It" Is)—is The Intrinsic Transcending of the illusions (or naive, and inherently false, presumptions) of separate "self" and "objective world".

Therefore, if Reality Itself is to be "Perfectly Known" (or Realized As "It" Is), a Perfect Dis-Illusionment is required, in which all mere ideas, and all naive thinking, and all propositions based on inherently false presumptions—including both "magical" (and, as such, "religious") thinking-presuming and "objectivist" (and, as such, "scientific") thinking-presuming—are Intrinsically Transcended in Reality Itself. . . .

Reality Itself Is The Only God That Is.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

6" x 9" paperback, 282 pages

ISBN: 978-1-57097-226-3
Price: $13.97

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