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Beyond the Beginner's Spiritual Way of Saint Jesus and the Traditions of Mystical Cosmic Ascent via Spirit-Breath
By The Avataric Great Sage,
Adi Da Samraj
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Up? is Adi Da's in-depth consideration of the traditional modes of Spiritual mysticism (as Revealed by such Spiritual Adepts as Jesus of Galilee), in contrast to traditoinal modes of Transcendental Non-dualism (as Revealed by the Great Sages of India)—as well as His own Revelation of the unique Spiritual-and-Transcendental Way of Adidam.
If people have heard anything at all about Spirituality, they automatically tend to presume that all Spirituality is mystical in nature, in the manner of the fourth-to-fifth stages of life. People have not heard that the Spiritual process does, in fact, go beyond mysticism. They have not heard that there is an Ultimate and Perfect—or Transcendental—Spiritual process.

Nevertheless, there is such a process—as I have now fully and finally Revealed.

Reality Itself Enables Most Perfect—or Transcendental-and-Spiritual—Divine Self-Realization.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

A radical, postmodern, spiritual analysis of the New Testament, plus a critique of traditional exoteric and esoteric Christianity, all within the context of an elaborate and detailed description of the most radical, multi-stage transformational and transcendental Way of Adidam.

—James E. Royster, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Department of Religious Studies
Cleveland State University

6" x 9" paperback, 610 pages
Price: $12.48

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