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The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary Coloring Book
A fun and educational activity-book for children ages 3–10. Features a full-color cover and 22 drawings of Mountain Of Attention’s Holy Sites (Northern California). Also includes stories about Adi Da Samraj's relationship to each of these special places.

Price: $14.95
Sample text from Page One:

Welcome to the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary of Adidam. The Mountain Of Attention is the first Sanctuary where Beloved Adi Da Samraj lived and did His Work with devotees for the sake of the happiness of all beings. Beloved Bhagavan now spends time at other Sanctuaries around the world and visits the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary of Adidam when His Divine Blessing Work brings Him to California.

The Sacred Places you will see in this coloring book were Empowered by Beloved Adi Da Samraj in many ways. He Radiated His Love and Divine Blessing Power into the buildings and temples, the earth, trees, rocks, paths and waters of the Sanctuary. Beloved Talked about God, Truth, and Happiness at the Mountain Of Attention, Teaching His devotees about the Way of the Heart. Beloved Adi Da Performed special pujas, or sacred ceremonies, to establish His Divine Being and Presence at the Holy Sites.

You are invited to take a Yajna, or Sacred Walk around the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary of Adidam. Use this book to color what you see and feel as you take this walk with your eyes and your heart. All the Holy Sites at the Mountain Of Attention are like living beings, because they are Alive with Beloved Adi Da's Happiness and Blessing Power. They respond to your love and service, and magnify your heart-feeling of Beloved Adi Da.

Our Yajna begins at the formal entrance to the Sanctuary, called All Eyes Gate. It is only opened formally on the special occasions when Beloved Adi Da Samraj comes to visit His devotees.

14" x 8-1/2" spiral bound, 44 pages
Price: $14.95

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