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The Bright Field
The first publication of Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s image-art. This large-format book presents black-and-white photographic image-art from 2000-2001 and includes 12 very different suites.

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Adi Da presents his images in suites, rather than as single images. Each suite can have anywhere from a few images to several hundred. Each suite is very different in quality: a "meditation" on a rock that rises out the of the ocean, a series of sensual and playful images set in a city, a look at human personalities as "shattered" phenomena, and so on. Every suite takes the viewer on an artistic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual journey.
Most of Adi Da's images in this book are highly sophisticated and complex multiple exposures, often involving more than two (and even as many as ten or more) superimposed layers, shot in camera.

“It is a rare artist who can convey, convincingly, the sense of being face to face with the source of being. Adi Da can clearly live in the depths without succumbing to their pressure, bringing back pearls of art to prove it.”
          — Donald Kuspit, Distinguished art critic; Poet; Author; Professor of Art History and Philosophy, State University of New York, Stony Brook

Over 80 duo-tone illustrations.
88 pages, softcover

Price: $34.95

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