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The Ultimate Outshining of Death (CD)
Discourse excerpts from 2004 in which Adi Da Samraj describes the inconsolable wound that is inherent in the mortal condition.

Excerpt from The Ultimate Outshining of Death

Price: $9.95

Disillusionment, Adi Da says, with the search for (necessarily insufficient) consolation can serve as a goad to realize the Divine State, Beyond the suffering of loss and inevitable sorrow.

    Loss, or separation—apparent separation through death or any other life-happening—is not only possible, it is inevitable. And there is nothing amusing about it. It is so.
    It is not possible to be consoled about it.
    But it is possible to be Free, utterly Free—only by Realizing That Which Is Inherently Free.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, October 3, 2004

Track Listing:

1: Realization Is the Only Liberation from Loss [15:02]
2: Prepare for Death by How You Live [10:56]
3: Your Practice Will Not Be Lost at Death [12:57]
4: The Phenomena in the Death Process [21:35]
5: Translation Into the Divine Domain [12:16]

Total running time: 73 minutes

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Price: $9.95

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