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Da Naama Mantra
by Naamleela Free Jones
and Felix Woldenberg

Listen, feel, and delight in Adi Da's Spiritual Presence that these sacred names and mantras can invoke.

Da Self-Confession Holy Month Special Mention (This CD is not discounted currently)
Price: $9.95

Naamleela Free Jones collaborates with dhrupad singer Felix Woldenberg in this beautiful mantric album. Together they chant 80 variants of the Da Naama Mantra with uniquely skilled intonation, unfolding from traditional alap through rhythms and modern harmonies. This is a special form of contemplation, especially for those who know of Adi Da Samraj.

This CD was recorded on Naitauba Island, Fiji, in 2006.
Naamleela produced this album as gift for Adi Da Samraj for His 67th birthday.

1 Mantras in Alap
2 Mantras in Rhythm
3 Mantras in Harmony

Total Running Time: 60 minutes
Price: $9.95

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