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The Ancient Reality-Teachings
The Single Transcendental Truth Taught by the Great Sages of Buddhism and Advaitism—As Revealed by The Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj
Price: $14.96
The traditional texts presented by Me in this Book are only a few in number, but they are outstanding among the most important texts ever written. They are so much to the point that they are profoundly Illuminating--not sufficient for the Awakening of Transcendental Realization Itself, but potentially sufficient to bring anyone to practice at the feet of a true Master.

—The Avataric Great Sage,
Adi Da Samraj

To understand the great religions in a new light, one has only to read Adi Da Samraj. Anyone who has an open mind cannot help feeling that His description of the Supreme Yoga of the seventh stage of life is true. Intuitively you will be convinced that Adi Da Samraj knows what He is talking about because of His unique Realization.

—Roger Savoie, PhD, Philosopher, writer and translator
Author La Vipere et le Lion La Voie radicale de la Spiritualite [The Snake and the Lion, the Radical Way of Spirituality]

6x9 paperback, 280 pages
ISBN: 1-57097-198-6
Price: $14.96

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