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Religion and Reality
True Religion Is Not Belief in Any God-Idea but the Direct Experiential Realization of Reality Itself

Avatar Adi Da’s lucid description of the true relationship between religion and reality.

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Within the book’s essays, Avatar Adi Da describes the mature religious orientation and distinguishes between popular or exoteric religion (based on the concerns of physical and social existence) and esoteric religion (characterized by inward seeking for Realization).

As the editors note, "to most deeply receive Avatar Adi Da’s Communication in this book is to be loosed from centuries of misunderstanding and to find the freedom to ‘consider’ the real purpose of the world and the Nature of Real God as Reality Itself."
The God Who truly and Really Exists is not present as a separate (or exclusively "Other") Personality anywhere in cosmic Nature. Nor is That One to be identified with any subtle object in Nature, or with any of the lights observable via mystical consciousness. That One Is Real (Acausal) God. You Realize That One only by entering most profoundly into the Inherently egoless Self-Domain (or Self-Position), the Domain of Prior Existence (or Is-ness), the Tacit Self-Apprehension of Being (Itself).

—The Avataric Great Sage Adi Da Samraj

6x9 paperback, 98 pages
ISBN: 1-57097-212-5
Price: $9.95

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