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The Perfect Tradition

The Wisdom-Way of the Ancient Sages and Its Fulfillment in the Way of “Perfect Knowledge”

Avatar Adi Da Reveals His unique Gifts of the "Bright" and the "Thumbs" and elucidates all the traditions of religion and Spirituality through His schema of the seven stages of life.

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From time to time in human history, Great Sages have appeared, who have, to one degree or another, agreed to instruct devotees. A truly Great Sage speaks as the Very Condition, the Radiant Ocean of Being, That is Reality. Adi Da Samraj, from the beginning of His lifetime, has shown the signs of such a one.

The Wisdom-Teaching of Adi Da Samraj is a great gift to all who need to understand the human event from the viewpoint of Ultimate Truth, beyond the winds of doctrine and the competing philosophies that have made and unmade the cultures of humankind.

—from the Introduction,
by Carolyn Lee

6x9 paperback, 168 pages
Price: $9.07

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