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Da Mahamantra
This CD is a rare recording of Avatar Adi Da Samraj Intoning one of the Da Mahamantras (or Great Mantras of the Divine Being, Da)—which He has Given to His devotees, for ecstatic invocation of His Living Divine Presence. Avatar Adi Da’s Intonation is accompanied by a background track of Avatar Adi Da Himself playing the tamboura. Therefore, this recording is a pure medium of Avatar Adi Da’s Spiritual Transmission, Communicating His Perfectly Free and Love-Blissful State directly to the heart of the listener.

Excerpt of Avatar Adi Da Chanting (with tamboura backing)

Excerpt of Avatar Adi Da Playing tamboura

Price: $9.95

To receive the Transmission of the Guru’s voice is a Gift that has been revered in traditional cultures of Guru-devotion throughout time. In continuity with that esoteric lineage, this potent Communication of the Divine True Heart is a Gift Offered to all beings by Adi Da Samraj.

Both Avatar Adi Da’s Intonation and tamboura playing are brief recordings that have been looped, for the sake of extended play and maximal reception of this Gift. Track two features the recording of Avatar Adi Da playing the tamboura on its own, without the Da Mahamantra Intonation.

May every listener rejoice in this Divine Offering and resort to its Giver, Who is the Living Power of Liberation by Grace.

For a listing of all the Mahamantras that Avatar Adi Da Gives to His devotees, see The Sacred Space of Finding Me, pp. 162–63. For a summary description of the practice of mantric Name-invocation of Avatar Adi Da, see Conductivity Healing, pp. 161–64.

Track Listing

Track 1: Avatar Adi Da Chanting (with tamboura backing)
Track 2: Avatar Adi Da Playing tamboura
Price: $9.95

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