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Da Mahamantra
A "Great Mantra" of the Way of Adidam as Chanted by the Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj
Price: $16.95
This CD is a rare recording of Avatar Adi Da Samraj intoning one of the Mahamantras He has Given to His devotees, accompanied by a background track of Adi Da playing the tamboura. Avatar Adi Da's incomparable voice is a powerful medium of Spiritual Transmission that drives to the heart of the listener, Communicating His Free and utterly Blissful State. To receive the Transmission of the Guru's voice is a Gift that has been traditionally revered by devotee cultures throughout time. This potent Communication of the Heart is the Gift Offered to all beings by Adi Da Samraj.

Track two features a unique recording of Avatar Adi Da playing the tamboura, repeated at regular intervals.

May every listener rejoice in this Divine Offering and resort to its Giver, Who is the Living Power of Liberation by Grace.
"Om Ma Da" . . . Is Epitomized (and Ended) In "Da", and (Thus) In Me--As The One (and Perfectly Subjective, and Self-Evidently Divine) Condition That Is Self-Existing (or Eternally, Merely Present As The Non-conditional, or Transcendental, and Inherently egoless Self-Condition), Self-Radiant (or Inherently Radiant), Infinite (As all-and-All-Surrounding and all-and-All-Pervading Divine Spirit-Power), and Always Alive As My Love-Blissful Divine Spiritual Body For The Sake Of The "Bright" Divine Liberation Of all conditionally Manifested beings.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar

Running time: 62:19
ISBN: 1-57097-195-1
Price: $16.95

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