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The Divine Is Not the Cause (CD)
In response to a series of questions about self-awareness, the nature of the “ego”, and how the self-contraction is caused, Avatar Adi Da Speaks of the self-confinement of human beings (in contrast to non-humans as natural contemplatives), the effort to trace any experience or thought to its Source, and the Divine Reality as the True Condition of all things (not the “cause” of any thing).

Price: $9.95

This October 2004 Discourse concludes with Avatar Adi Da's Confession of the direct and tacit “Point of View” of Divine Realization—the universe as Unconditional Light.

All questions are self-caused, or caused by your own presumption, your own self-contraction, your own apparent separation from the Very Condition in Which you are arising. The discovery of That Which Is Reality Itself, or the Very Divine, transcends all causes and effects, all separateness, all “difference”, all relatedness, all otherness, all problems, all egoity. The universe, in fact, is vanished, utterly--Outshined.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
October 20, 2004

Adi Da's Teachings have tremendous significance for humanity. . . . He represents a foundation and a structure for sanity.

Robert K. Hall, M.D.
psychiatrist; author, Out of Nowhere;
co-founder, The Lomi School and The Lomi Clinic

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Total running time: 70:25
ISBN: 1-57097-189-7
Price: $9.95

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