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Transcend the Self-Knot of Fear (CD)
When a questioner asks about the fearfulness he feels “locked” in his body, Avatar Adi Da Samraj responds that the root of fear is the same as the root of all suffering: the “self-contraction”, or the activity of identification with a separate and mortal body.

Excerpt from Transcend the Self-Knot of Fear

Price: $9.95

In July of 2004, Adi Da Samraj began a series of Discourses that were broadcast live over the internet to all His devotees around the world. During these remarkable occasions, Adi Da Samraj answered questions from those who were present in the room with Him but also from devotees in other parts of the world via speakerphone.

Rather than avoiding the fear inherent in the body, in this Talk, Adi Da Samraj Calls us to understand and transcend the self-knot by Realizing the Divine Condition that is Always Already the Case.

Tracks include:

The Significance of Fear
Meditation Techniques Don’t Touch Fear
There Is No Fear in the Divine Condition

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Running time: 52:58
ISBN: 1-57097-188-9

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Price: $9.95

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