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Cracking the Code of Experience (DVD)
When a questioner asks about the fearfulness he feels “locked” in his body, Avatar Adi Da Samraj responds that the root of fear is the same as the root of all suffering: the “self-contraction”, or the activity of identification with a separate and mortal body.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Polish

Price: $14.95

Likening the mind to "cyberspace", Avatar Adi Da describes the "codes" human beings use to interpret perceptions and give apparent meaning to the "game" of life. He also exposes as an illusion the very presumption of being a separate, perceiving self.

Adi Da Samraj calls everyone to relinquish the commitment to all presumptions and Awaken to that Realization which is not a state, but a Force that Spiritually Outshines all of illusory existence.

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Total run time: 1:26:29
Price: $14.95

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