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The Revolutionary (and Yet Conventional) Effort of Classical Buddhism
"Mind Dharma" in Buddhism

The Basket Of Tolerance Booklet Series, Number 11
Two Essays on Buddhism from The Basket Of Tolerance
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Adi Da Samraj on core goals, concepts, and potential Realizations in various schools of Buddhism
"Mind Dharma", in one or another form (as philosophy and practice), is the basic characteristic of even all traditions and schools of Buddhism. It is only that there is, in classical (or Hinayana, or Theravada) Buddhism, no concept of "Ultimate Mind"--whereas such a concept (meaning the "Ultimate, or Unconditional, Self-Existing, and Real Nature, Essence, or Source-Condition" of the merely apparent, or conditionally arising, mind) is, in general, an essential characteristic of the traditions and schools of Mahayana Buddhism (including Tibetan, or Vajrayana, Buddhism).

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

3-3/4" x 6", 20 pages
ISBN: 1-57097-180-3
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Price: $0.90

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