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What Is Required to Realize the Non-Dual Truth?
The Basket Of Tolerance Booklet Series, Number 9
What Is Required to Realize the Non-Dual Truth? The Controversy Between the "Talking" School and the "Practicing" School of Advaitism
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Adi Da Samraj on the insufficiency of “Talk” as a basis for Real Spiritual Practice.
Most Ultimate (or Inherently Most Perfect) Enlightenment Is Only That Realization and Demonstration That Is Absolute Freedom--Self-Existing and Self-Radiant As Consciousness Itself, All (and Infinite As) Love-Bliss. And That is no small matter or state of mind, but It Is What (Ultimately) Is--and That Is (Truly Most Ultimately, and Inherently Most Perfectly) Revealed Only By (or In the Shine Of) the Inherently Most Perfect (and by-Divine-Grace-Given) Sacrifice (or the Inherently Most Perfect, and by-Divine-Grace-Given, transcending) of the conditional self.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

3-3/4" x 6", 24 pages
ISBN: 1-57097-183-8
Price: $2.95
Price: $0.90

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