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The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar
The Testament Of Divine Secrets Of The Divine World Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Price: $108.00
Avatar Adi Da's paramount "Source-Text", this Great Divine Testament is unparalleled in its magnitude and depth. It represents the fruit of Avatar Adi Da's Immense Work of Teaching and Revelation over more than three decades. An extraordinary Scripture, containing Avatar Adi Da's detailed Revelation of every aspect of the process culminating in Divine Enlightenment.

  • Avatar Adi Da's Divine Self-Confession
  • The nature of His Life and Work
  • His fundamental Teaching-Arguments
  • The True Nature of God
  • The characteristic philosophical faults of East and West
  • The three basic human personality types
  • How sexuality relates to Spiritual practice
  • What actually happens in the process of death and reincarnation
  • The nature of the ego and how it is utterly transcended
  • Detailed descriptions of all the practices Avatar Adi Da Gives to His devotees
  • What Divine Enlightenment really is, and how It is Realized
This book is of the greatest significance to all those everywhere concerned with religion and the human situation. The Dawn Horse Testament is a genuine Scripture, expressing the heart and soul (and body) of the non-separated Divine Being.

author, Wittgenstein: The Early Philosophy and Wittgenstein: The Later Philosophy

2004, 7" x10", hardcover, 1410 pages

ISBN: 1-57097-168-4
Price: $108.00

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