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The Impulse To God-Realization (CD)
The Liberating Word of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Volume 6
A Selection of Talks from Avatar Adi Da Samraj      

Price: $16.95
One should devote one's existence to That in Which one is arising—the Very Condition That Is Free, Happy, Blissful, Divine. That Condition Is So. It Is the Reality and the Truth—even presently, even while one is enduring an apparently limited form of existence. If it becomes plain that this is so, then what other purpose for one's life could one intelligently select?

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This selection of Talks by Avatar Adi Da Samraj focuses on His clarifying Wisdom on the Impulse (inherent in all beings) to Realize God, and His Divine Offering and Instruction on the Ultimate Means to cultivate this heart-Impulse, thereby allowing it be the guiding force of one's entire life. As Avatar Adi Da points out, the real Spiritual Process cannot be truly initiated until and unless one’s Impulse to God-Realization becomes the governing principle of one's life.

8 Tracks
Total Running Time: 68 minutes

ISBN: 1-57097-171-4

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Price: $16.95

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