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Ishta Da
Original Devotional Chants Offered at the Feet of the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj

Naamleela Free Jones and Tamarind Free Jones composed these devotional chants and offered them many times to Adi Da Samraj in sacred darshan occasions.

audio  Play sample track, “Invocation” (6:09 minutes)

Price: $16.95

Naamleela and Tamarind have a unique sensitivity in their invocation of Adi Da Samraj, as they have been chanting and practicing sacred music together in His Company since an early age. This album features a beautiful selection of their original devotional chants written and offered on Naitauba Island, 2004.

It is fitting that Naamleela Free Jones resides in Fiji, between East and West because she effortlessly draws from many world influences. Her music always evokes a straight forward spiritual depth whether she is playing classical Western piano, Indian music influenced melodies or her own unique compositions that draw on contemporary influences. Some of my favorites are the simple chanting on "Ishta Da" and the "Ruchira Avatara Gita"- these recordings I can hear over and over and they remain fresh and true to the Indian Bhakti tradition even though they are not strictly and only Indian. On "Eyes in Other Worlds" at times I feel I am hearing shades of transcendental pop like we heard from the Beatles on "St. Pepper's" or "Magical Mystery Tour". The melodies are haunting but very accessible and throughout the recording her varied influences come through, but never in a forced way. Her classical piano playing is also beautifully done and serves to demonstrate that Naamleela is a remarkable talent at home in many styles and playing the song of bliss without any other agenda.

—John Wubbenhorst (Indian flutist, founder of Facing East)

Track Listing:

1 Invocation
2 Da Om
3 Blissful Adi Da
4 Ishta Da
5 Love-Ananda
6 Love-Ananda Avatara
7 Lord Ruchira Da

Total Running Time: 70 minutes
Price: $16.95

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