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Awaken To Brightness (CD)
A selection of Discourses from 1974 to 1997, which cover a broad spectrum of Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction. They provide a basic introduction to His Wisdom-Teaching and include Adi Da addressing principle matters of Spiritual life.
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These Talks encompass the relationship to the Spiritual Master, the principle of Attraction, what occurs in the death process, the fundamental error at the root of all seeking, the limits of conventional religion and scientific materialism, and more.

Through the process of Teaching-Work (beginning in 1972), Adi Da established the Reality-Way of Adidam--the Way of the devotional and Spiritual relationship to Him. He spoke in the esoteric circumstance of gatherings with His devotees--because His Instruction was a very intimate process, undertaken face-to-face with those who were formally committed to the practice. At the same time, He would ask for His Discourses to be recorded, so that all those not in the room with Him at the time could benefit from it. To hear Adi Da's voice speaking His Teaching Word is a great Blessing--for His voice is itself an agent of His Spiritual Awakening-Power.

It becomes clear through listening to Adi Da speak that He does not offer you a set of beliefs, or even a set of Spiritual techniques. He simply offers you His Revelation of Truth as a Free Gift. If you are moved to take up His Way, He invites you to enter into an extraordinarily deep and transformative devotional and Transcendental Spiritual relationship to Him.

In this CD you will find excerpts from: "The 'Brightness' will Outshine You", "Garbage and the Goddess", "The Secret of Suddenness", "The Knowledge of Light", "The Law of Love-Bliss", "The God Who Truly Is", poems from "Crazy Da must Sing, Inclined to His Weaker Side".

7 Tracks
Total running time: 58 minutes.

ISBN: 1-57097-172-2

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Price: $9.95

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