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The Grid Of Attention (CD)
The Structure Of Existence, Volume One>

Price: $14.95

The Structure of Existence compact discs are drawn from a series of unique occasions of Avatar Adi Da´s Instruction in 1995. During July and August of that year, while in residence at Adidam Samrajashram (the Island of Naitauba, Fiji), Avatar Adi Da gave several discourses to devotees in the ashram over the telephone from His residence on the other side of the Island. Devotees listened to His voice (and spoke to Him) via a speaker phone, and His words were recorded from the speaker phone. In these discourses, He answered many questions about the Nature of Reality, and made profound Revelations of the Nature of His Divine Avataric Incarnation.

In this Discourse, from August 15, 1995, Avatar Adi Da describes the fundamental nature of attention. He explains how experience in the conditional domain occurs through a mechanical association of attention with objects in an infinite "grid" of Light. He clarifies that attention does not move from one object to another, but only identifies with the apparent objects within this "grid". Avatar Adi Da describes how this mechanism operates in each of the three dimensions of experience: "gross", "subtle", and "causal", and in each of the three human states: waking, dreaming, and sleeping. Finally, Avatar Adi Da describes the nature of His Spiritual Bessing-Work, and Offers the Way to Realize the Divine Reality that is prior to attention, and prior to all states and experiences of the body-mind.

In terms of the mechanics of experiencing, there is the unmoving “point” of attention and the apparently moving grid of “objects”, associating attention with different modifications of energy, moment to moment. In Truth, there is neither attention nor the grid--there is simply Consciousness Itself, and Its Inherent Radiance.

—Avatar Adi Da August 15, 1995

Disc One: 6 Tracks
Total Running Time: 58 Minutes

Disc Two: 6 Tracks
Total Running Time 55 Minutes

ISBN: 1-57097-169-2
Price: $14.95

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