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Reality Is Not What You Think (CD)
A Talk by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Price: $16.95
This great cosmos that you perceive to be a separate something, full of separate somethings, separate beings and so forth, is not so. It is your presumption based on a local activity—self-contraction. Go beyond that, and abide this Process in My Company, Realize Reality Itself. . . . Then, in that Realization Itself, your question is answered, vanished, undermined. The question no longer exists, because the illusion no longer exists. Bereft of illusion, self-contraction, egoity and its effects, then there is the Realization of Reality.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj April 22, 1995

In this Talk given to His devotees, Avatar Adi Da illuminates the false presumption that Reality is made up of separate things and separate beings. He Reveals that Reality is a Great Unity of Love-Bliss, and it is only our own reactivity and fear (or the self-contraction) that creates this illusion of separateness. At the beginning of this Talk, Avatar Adi Da addresses His devotees' question about the "purpose" of the self-contraction by clarifying that the self-contraction is an activity of separation that human beings are doing. He explains that the way to transcend fear, to transcend the self-contraction, "is to become a sacrifice in love, full of trust, Godward". Only in this way, will the True Nature of Reality be Realized.

ISBN: 1-57097-162-5
Price: $16.95

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