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The Divine Domain Is Not Elsewhere / My Kiln of Brightness (CD)
The “Bright” Revelation Series, Volume Six
Two Talks by Ruchira Avatar
Adi Da Samraj

Price: $24.95
From the point of view of the seventh stage Realization, the body is not a problem. It is Inherently Recognized. The functions associated with the body, that are simply structures of the cosmic domain—apparent attention, energies in the body-mind, its natural form—are not a problem. They haven’t been escaped, and they are not a problem. They are just structures. What has been transcended is egoity, bondage.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 23, 1994

Talk One: "The Divine Domain Is Not Elsewhere"
In this never-before-published Talk from a 1994 gathering with His devotees at Adidam Samrajashram, Avatar Adi Da Gives essential descriptions of the Great esoteric matters of Divine Translation and the Divine Domain. Avatar Adi Da points out, however, that these descriptions cannot be rightly understood from the egoic disposition of separation, and in fact are not comprehensible apart from Realization Itself. Avatar Adi Da clarifies that Divine Translation, or the final “Event” of Divine Enlightenment, is not a matter of escaping the obligations of the body-mind, and the Divine Domain is not a place to go to. Enlightenment is not a “something” or a “happening” or an historical event. Rather, in the process of Divine Enlightenment, the “Brightness” of the Divine Condition, Which is Avatar Adi Da’s Native Self-Condition, Shines through the body-mind of the devotee.

6 Tracks
Total Running Time: 60 Minutes

Talk Two: "My Kiln Of 'Brightness'"
In this ecstatic Talk, which also took place at Adidam Samrajashram, Avatar Adi Da “Considers” with His devotees how the Process of Divine Self-Realization occurs in His Company. He begins by describing the important distinction between actually Realizing Real God (or the Divine) and making gestures toward an idea of the Divine. He explains that relating to the Divine as an “other” is based on the false presumption of separateness—whereas, in Reality, That Which is Divine is not separate. Avatar Adi Da uses the analogy of clay pigs in a kiln to describe the Process of “Brightening” that occurs when the devotee turns his or her feeling-attention to Him. Avatar Adi Da and His devotees confess that He Is the “Bright” That Draws beings beyond the realms of experience and into His Condition of Infinite Love-Bliss.

5 Tracks
Total Running Time: 46 Minutes

ISBN: 1-57097-158-7
Price: $24.95

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