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Garbage and the Goddess (CD)
Special 30th Anniversary Reissue: 1972 - 2002
A selection of Discourses from 1974 to 1997, which cover a broad spectrum of Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction. They provide a basic introduction to His Wisdom-Teaching and include Adi Da addressing principle matters of Spiritual life.

Price: $16.95
The fulfillment of experiential life in individuals does not amount, in any sense whatsoever, to Illumination. The arising of miraculous or extraordinary experiential phenomena does not produce the Enlightened man, the wise man. Enlightenment depends entirely on the conscious process, not the experiential one.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da addresses the fact that the Way of Adidam is not about attaining any kind of experience—whether ordinary or extraordinary. Rather, it is about Satsang, or the relationship with Him, and the Divine Spirit-Blessing that is received in His Company.

This Talk was the basis for the Discourse of the same name in Avatar Adi Da’s “Source-Text” He-and-She Is Me.

4 Tracks
Total Running Time: 59 minutes

Price: $16.95

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