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The God In Every Body Book
Talks and Essays on God-Realization
  • Why can God’s existence not be denied but only Realized?
  • Why is scientistic doubt of the existence of God adolescent?
These and many more questions are fully answered in this inspiring and challenging book.

Price: $9.95
This small book contains Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction about the origins of conventional religion (especially the parent-child relationship), and how the individual may be drawn beyond childhood and adolescence into a direct Realization of the Divine. It also includes the Talk “True Surrender Is a Koan”, which is a direct and humorous address to the dilemma of every beginner in Spiritual practice: “How do I surrender to God”?
The simple Truth is that people do not realize that the universe is arising in Consciousness. They think the universe somehow stands in a great material space. They do not realize the seniority of Consciousness and the mechanical nature of mind, and they do not account for the basis of the mind.
There are taboos against accounting for things in this way. To support these ideas, God-ideas are created: “God is creating this world”, “God is in charge of this world”, “God wants us all to be born"”, “God wants us all to live”, “God wants us all to be limited egoic beings, at least for now”. All of these ideas are produced by the ego to account for egoic suffering.
To see God as Reality, you must understand the karmic nature of manifestation and not make it so holy that it cannot be inspected and transcended.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

1983, 4" x 7" paperback, 160 pages

ISBN: 0-913922-78-1
Price: $9.95

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