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The Heaven-Born Gospel of the Ruchira Avatar (CD)

The essence of the Way of Adidam, Given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj on March 11, 1973. “Satsang”, or the transformative relationship between the Guru and devotee is, the fundamental “gospel” of all the great religious and Spiritual traditions. The Spiritual relationship to the “Heaven-Born” One is Avatar Adi Da's unique Offering to humankind.

Enjoy this Excerpt from Track 2

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Special 30th Anniversary Reissue: 1972 - 2002
There is truly no limit to the Light That Is Moving Into this dimension. Therefore, there is no real limit to the Force of this Satsang with Me. The limits are all in those who receive the Light. The more functions that are provided for the Light and for the Truth, the more Light and Truth Appear. Light and Truth Appear Spontaneously wherever They have Use. . . .There is nothing to be done to acquire the Light. The Light Is Infinite and Endlessly Present.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

2 Tracks
Total Running Time: 43 minutes

ISBN: 1-57097-139-0
Price: $9.95

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