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The Primary Sensation / The Law of Love-Bliss (2-CD set)
The “Bright” Revelation Series, Volume Three

Avatar Adi Da’s first Talk in this set examines the difference between the peripheral reactions of the seeking body-mind and the core understanding of the motivating sensation of the self-contraction itself.
The second Talk is an exposition of the fundamental principle of non-seeking in the Way of Adidam and the “darkness” of the materialistic point of view.

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Price: $24.95
And when that separation is observed more and more directly, one begins to see that what one is suffering is not something happening to oneself but it is one's own action. It is as if you are pinching yourself, without being aware of it . . . That activity is avoidance, separation, a contraction at the root, the origin, the “place”, of the living consciousness.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Talk One: "The Primary Sensation"
Avatar Adi Da speaks of the true nature of the ego, or the sense of separate and separative existence, as an “activity” and not an “entity”. He emphasizes the distinction between understanding and transcending the very core activity that is the ego itself—or the usual sense of separate and separative existence—and struggling with all of the peripheral “results” or effects of the ego, or “self-contraction”.

4 Tracks
Total Running Time: 32 minutes

Talk Two: "The Law of Love-Bliss"
A “consideration” of the perennial religious proposition of “seeking for Truth”. Avatar Adi Da contrasts this proposition with the principle of non-seeking that underlies the Way of Adidam. He inspects the philosophy of materialism and the “dark” vision it proposes, versus the process of true religion, which is the always present-time Realization of the Indivisible and Indestructible Light that is Reality Itself.

7 Tracks
Total Running Time: 67 minutes

Price: $24.95

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