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Hridaya Rosary (Four Thorns Of Heart-Instruction)

The "Late-Time" Avataric Revelation Of The Universally Tangible Divine Spiritual Body, Which Is The Supreme Agent Of The Great Means To Worship and To Realize The True and Spiritual Divine Person (The egoless Personal Presence Of Reality and Truth, Which Is The Only Real God)

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Light must be brought into this darkness underground.
Do not merely climb up into the Tree.
Rather, receive the Light and Love of the Sun—down to the toes, down into the world, down into the underground. . . .
The True Sun-Beyond I Am—and Only Am.
Therefore, open to My Light—and Be Melted by Me.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

A beautifully precise and exquisitely poetic description of the Spiritual Process in Avatar Adi Da’s Company—the devotional (and, in due course, Spiritual) relationship to Him and the reception of His Spiritual Transmission, or Spirit-Baptism. In breathtakingly beautiful poetry, Avatar Adi Da Samraj sings of the "melting" of the ego in His “Rose Garden of the Heart”.

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No message of Liberation has ever been so direct. All stories and traditions of the God-Man pale before the intensely loving and heart-stirring Cry of Avatar Adi Da to simply melt into the Ocean of Divine Love-Bliss that He Is.

—J.C. Troncale, Professor, University of Richmond; Director of Russian and East European Studies

6” x 9” paperback, 434 pages
ISBN: 1-57097-204-4
Price: $20.97

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