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Adi Da and Adidam
The Divine Self-Revelation of the Avataric Way of the “Bright” and the “Thumbs”
Price: $3.95
by Carolyn Lee, Ph.D.

An introduction to the Divine Life of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and His Unique Spiritual Revelation of the Way of Adidam.

Learn about:
  • the Purpose of Avatar Adi Da’s Birth
  • the secret of the devotional and Spiritual relationship with Him
  • the key transformative Events in Avatar Adi Da’s Life and the significance that these Events have for everyone else
  • Avatar Adi Da’s twenty-three “Source-Texts”, the books that contain His full Teaching-Revelation
  • Avatar Adi Da’s extraordinary body of artistic work

Essential reading for those first discovering Avatar Adi Da and Adidam.

4-1/2" x 7", 64 pages
ISBN: 1-57097-154-4
Price: $3.95

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