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2019 Image-Art Calendar
From Da Plastique
The 2019 Image-Art Calendar features an exquisite selection of images from What Is Not An Idea? (Geome Two: 2001).

At a number of key points in His image-making process, Adi Da Samraj responded artistically to the events surrounding 9/11 in New York. The suite featured in this calendar, Geome Two: 2001, is one of several that deals with this subject-matter—and, as is the case in every instance of His response to that event, the aesthetic choices He made in response are highly unusual and suggest a very different mode of relating to such tragedy, shock, and transition in one’s life and in the life of human society altogether.

SHIPPING: The calendar is oversized and will be limited to Priority Mail.

To allow as many people as possible to buy this year’s calendar, the price has been reduced from $108 to $84.
Price: $84.00

Image No one would deny that the events of September 11, 2001, have changed the course of history, but Adi Da Samraj suggests an altogether different potential response to such change than what has tended to emerge in the socio-political discourse since then. In his own words from Transcendental Realism:

“The event of 9/11 is about the failure of the myth of ‘knowledge’, the myth that human beings can ‘know’ and control. . . . Something powerful struck those twin towers—and, in general, nobody knows what it is about. Being alive is exactly like that. You are standing firm, as if you are in control—as if you are going to live forever, and be master of the world, or at least of your own life. All of that is an illusion. In actuality, life is a shocking experience—and it never stops being that, until there is perfect transcendence.”
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The images featured in the 2019 Image-Art calendar are an expression of “perfect transcendence”. Each image features a white circle in the center, which Adi Da Samraj calls the “Midnight Sun”—pointing to the Divine Light of Reality that is prior to all conditional appearances and space-time events. Contemplate what Stands beyond all appearances and ideas about conditional reality in these large-scale “Transcendental Realist” artworks and quotations from Adi Da Samraj throughout the coming year.

Back cover, showing thumbnails of all twelve images that appear full-size on each month page

24” x 17” shipping size, 24” x 34” when opened
12 full-color images from Geome Two: 2001
A Quotation from Adi Da Samraj accompanies each month’s Image-Art
Made using only the finest-quality materials
A Da Plastique publication

SHIPPING: The calendar is oversized and will be limited to Priority Mail.
Price: $84.00

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