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75th Da Jayanthi
Commemorative Coin

A minted coin to commemorate the Diamond Anniversary of the Divine Person's human Birth, Avatar Adi Da Samraj's 75th Jayanthi.

In exquisite relief, this beautiful silver coin depicts Adi Da Samraj in childhood on one side and in 2008, with an image of the Dawn Horse, on the other.

The finished coins were placed in Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Sukra Kendra* (at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in Northern California) to receive His Blessing.

Price: $175.00

One ounce of pure silver

One-and-a-half inches in diameter

Includes clear acrylic display stand [STAND IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK]

Protected by a clear acrylic case

Also available as a pendant
Click here for details

Photographic and artistic images that served as the basis for the coin design

*Sukra Kendras are Avatar Adi Da’s most sacred temples in which He established the Force of His Person with a unique intensity. “Sukra Kendra” is Sanskrit for “bright center (or house)”.

During His Incarnation-Lifetime, only Avatar Adi Da Himself spent significant time in His Sukra Kendras. And for all future time, as during His Incarnation-Lifetime, only a small number of designated devotees perform essential services (as briefly as possible) in these holy places that are reserved exclusively for Avatar Adi Da’s eternally active Transcendental Spiritual Work.

Often, Adi Da Samraj would place objects or gifts that He wanted to Bless in the Sukra Kendra Temple for a period of time.

Price: $175.00

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